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Welcome to Alisha's Cafe Collective!  And we mean WELCOME!  Walk through the doors of our cafe, and you will discover so much more!  Healthy and delicious lunches and dinners, carefully crafted Chai's, free guest Wi-Fi, function spaces, artwork, and most importantly wonderful loving people!  Alisha's Cafe Collective is a passion project, fueled by the heart and soul of Husna Pasha.  Husna Pasha is an Australian-Indian dynamo with a burning desire to be Australia’s answer to Oprah Winfrey. Growing up in rural Tasmania, her family were not just ‘the only Indians in the village’ they were also the only Muslims. Husna is dedicated to bringing people together and empowering them through laughter and an appreciation of difference.  So bring your best book, and come grab a table at Alisha's Cafe!


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Bring your own takeaway container and get $2.00 off your meal!


Bring your own coffee mug and get 50cents off your coffee!



At Alisha's we are committed in serving and providing to the community by providing a collective platform for heard and unheard hidden artists to showcase their skills and talents. through food, music, art and entertainment, our food are made freshly everyday with passion, love and soul flavours... which will definitely makes you want to come for more.

Resident musicians Oscar and crew

starting soon on Friday night for dinner

Arvo DJ

chill out session while sipping on our famous House made chai brew and snacking on our bar food n maroccan pizza


Yoga Class Guru


booking sessions

9.15am to 10.15am | 10.30am to 11.30am

Please book ahead, we a limit of 8-10 people per session only.

Bring a Friend and get $30 specials for two.

About Aarti Vincent

I did Yoga in India under the T Krishnamacharya Tradition with the intention of doing a bit more in this tradition, but a career in advertising, and the life that comes with the industry kept me away from myself in my twenties. It is only here in Melbourne, so many miles away from the land of yoga that my intention came to fruition. It’s an irony that I used to see people from the west come to India to discover yoga and themselves, and I did it in Melbourne, and manage to find a teacher who offered training in the Krishnamacharya tradition. A tradition where yoga is far and beyond just the poses. This tradition believes that yoga pose must fit an individual and not the other way. 
Yoga for me is awareness. Yoga for me means everything is okay, we are all just perfect and yet work in progress, and hence here on this journey. Yoga is acceptance of others and myself. And yes all of us, each one of us IS beautiful, just the way we are.

A heartfelt Namaste, 
Aarti Vincent 


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Tuesday to Thursday 9am-6pm

Friday to Sunday 9am-10pm

Monday closed.

313 Lygon St, Brunswick East VIC 3057

(03) 9078 0342